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I have come to terms with being a Foodie. I recently spoke to someone that would sometimes feel almost offended when I asked, "What did you eat today?" He went on to tell me that food does not move him in that way. I then had the greatest epiphany. IT MOVES ME THAT WAY. I have lost weight with food, gained weight eating food, maintaining weight by not overindulging in food, read food labels, counted calories, etc. All this just leads me to think about the greatness of food. So as I commend him, I commend myself because I freaking LOVE and UNDERSTAND good food. I want to offer recipes and restaurants that offer me goodness. If anyone is in the Texas area and wants to suggest a great place to chow down. I am willing to try. Recipes below:​

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Flavored Cold Brew Coffee

I first started drinking cold brewed coffee while working at HEB Central Market in Texas. I read about it in Vegetarian Times. I was very into watching all the calories and sugars that I put into my body and at a last ditch effort to drop some pounds I had to release the cream that was so satisfying in my coffee. I then realized that by buying the flavored coffees that were there. I could actually have  little sweet coffee with some regular cream. This began my cold brew experience that I do heat up from time to time with the cream. It is heaven. I do find that flavored cold brew is the absolute best. Cold coffee is also better on your stomach than brewed coffee because there is less acid. That was also a deciding factor in me beginning to make this as a drink. 


My favorite flavored coffees from HEB Central Market are:

Hawaiin Grog


These are available in bulk. So you can buy as you make them. HEB Central Market is great for shopping on a budget. 



-1/4 cup of coffee



1. Pour coffee into mason jar 

2. Pour water into mason jar

3. Let it sit in fridge or on counter for at minimum 12 hours .

4. Use a sieve or something to strain the coffee into a cup . 

5. Add cream as an option and enjoy. 





Vanilla Almond Lemon Pepper Breaded Fish

I have taken two recipes and created a BEAST! This fish is so delicious and I have found that it is critical to use butter when baking because the other oils just won't do. I use organic kinds of butter and I buy the one on sale that week, so a ton have worked but I am unable to recall the names of any. I have included Eat this, Not that Fish Nutrition article because there is a ton of critique right now about what great fish is...so make and enjoy. 


So grab your favorite fish that needs breading and create this


-1-3 cups Special K Vanilla Almond Cereal

       depends on how much fish you are breading

-Lemon Pepper 

-Sea Salt or Garlic Salt 




1. Dry your fish

2. Beat your egg.

3. Blend cereal, lemon pepper, and salt.

4. Dip fish into egg and then coat the fish with the breading.

5. The lay fish into baking pan. Sprinkle lemon pepper and salt on top of fish only. Then pour or drip butter on top. 

6. Let the fish bake and viola! you have something so delicious and tasty. 


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