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Week 1 of Homeschool

Week 1 begins with a bang, especially since it's new and different. The schedule and assignments were all worked out and my wonderful child was happy to be home sharing his cares and work ethic. Once he was comfortable enough, he decided to have numerous tantrums during times that attention wasn't available. I was in combat in my small house. The sheer horror of it all. I spoke to him consistently, the problem continues but should get better soon, right.

So, the best part of the first week that he simply adored was Compare/Contrast of animals. This hit him with a bang since the facts seem to just flow gracefully from his mouth. The learning that he gave me was absolutely regular but it felt like fabulous.

Math was easy peasy lemon squeezy because it was all about the fract of the fractions. The break down and so on. We actually put tape on the floor to use the line to see different parts of the fractions. I love the idea because it is a huge visual display and the tape is pretty too.

Some organization apps or LMS (learning management system) apps went to Padlet, which is not a LMS app at all. It just helps organize thoughts and can be shared. It can be used to give grades, but overall it is just a Web 2.0 for organization and it is so handy when sharing links and setting up lessons.

Khan Academy and Google Classroom are awesome as well as very handy to break down formulas or understand the process of why we do math the way we do math. There are also practice questions that show solutions, just in case you do not get the answer right away.

Storybird and No Red Ink can both be used for writing assignments and language arts. They offer right away grading and if you upgrade you will be set for life. IXL offers all subjects in a bundle for $19.99 per month, and it is worth the hassle if you have no clue of what to do. I personally like the question after question after question. It can also recognize levels and ask questions accordingly after a diagnostic test is given.

Use Prezi to make making diagrams fun, it is fun to watch and you are getting your child ready to create some real jaw dropping presentations. Help them sell it. Overall it has been learning, set backs, growth, help, and admiration. How I adore my first homeschool and for God's sake please let it be my last.

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