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Give me a Mountain

Give me a mountain and I will Not

give it back

I will take it and create grooves

for shelter and hearths

Beautifully designed with sacrifice of time

and stability

Make sure a river flows down

with crisp water so that my seeds

can grow freely without disdain,

just possibility

Be sure it has touched heaven

before reaching any part of me

I want to stand in the blessing of

what I have received

I want to keep the valley that is closest to me

I need it to plant my joys at its feet

as I gather in it’s majestic beauty

That is rare beyond belief

I will take it’s genius and let it use

it as its own. I will only inhabit enough

for us and never for those that will

disrupt. Bringing with me the peace

of a million warriors waiting

after the war is over.

Please give me a mountain and I will

not destroy what I have before me.

I will allow its grace to shelter every

piece of honor inside of me.

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