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My favorite books - 2018

My favorite books can be described as tasty and overflowing with goodness and joy. I laughed and laughed some more and some I didn't get to finish because I became somewhat busy trying to figure this thing called life out.

Since my drive is too long to work. I use Audible it has become a very handy tool for me to get tons of information or easily listen to a book as I putter down the highway.

1. Collaboration is sauce to good living and send world wide vibes of diversity. Also the synergy of it all left me wanting to hear more of the story than I needed to. This is also one that I did not get to finish and will continue into 2019. How handsome is that. To hear the story of the two authors meeting>writing> and creating from their own cultural perspective> then traveling to far and away places, only to then see that the world is not diversified> and then finally report their findings on the worlds perspective of what they were able to gather was deeply invigorating. I absolutely adored the need to share. This book that they created is called

It is an excellent read and is something that gives way to viewing some people in different perspectives.

2. I was extremely ready to read this book, because I related to her so much from her show. However, I was too displeased with the outcome. She reminded me of my least favorite sorority sisters, that you somehow started to miss because she gave the best advice. Needless to say I finished the book and to this day I will always say that I like it. It didn't begin well for me, however the end encompassed my heart and I remained a true fan. I will forever watch, buy, seek, listen, read, and support almost everything she does. You are the greatest Mindy Kaling. I apologize for being behind.

Last year was the first time I got a chance to read, "Why Not Me?"


3. "I am Judging You" by Luvvie Ajayi was fucking hilarious. I laughed out loud and judged some people too. It was just a relatable book that kept me wanting to hear and read each chapter. Even though her experiences were from her perspective, I felt her real spirit through the entire book. How beautiful is that? I also like most of her opinions that she has to give through instagram as well. Please follow her there too, she is a woman to watch. Like you guys didn't already know.

This is one of my favorite books. First it has unicorn in the TITLE and it is a great story about how great you are even if you admire someone else.

5. "This is Just my Face" by Gabourey Sidibe is an excellent view of a lighter side of life. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, she reminds me of a REAL friend- meaning she does not hold back on her cynicism or real life stories. She is unabashedly beautiful and wreckless.

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