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Stop trying to relate

Stop trying to relate

Today I had the pleasure again of making an acquaintance with a white woman who wanted to state that she can relate to issues of race because she was fat and old.

I don’t know if she has had the chance to be smaller or healthier, but I do know that she has had the chance to be white in a white space and not have to think about anything that comes out of her mouth towards others because she herself continued to try to make point after point to relate to being black.

Today was not the day for me to feel bad for her. Today was the day to think about my social situation and how I can make it my families life different than what has been presented to us. I want to think that making choices for a family should involve wanting something better for you and yours, however, if a white person thinks that by being discriminated by Trump, puts us all on the same side that is incorrect.

We can’t all be on the same side because you are the one saying those words. You are the one that thinks that everything you hear can be said and taken in the same premise. You don’t want to listen, you just want to speak. Speak to a person that is angry and the anger can be so easily taken as being upset over nothing, black women’s unnecessary anger, your white girl call to fearful of being hit, etc.

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