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In a Rush, Going Nowhere

KOD - J. Cole

Hello, my name is Shante Schuler and I am addicted to LOVE! Real love though, the kind that stops my breath sometimes because the air did not reach deep enough. I am addicted to love and it keeps me in this constant recurrence of happiness and that sits in my gut. It is burrowed there and moves me away from the pain. Some days it gets hard and I cry only for the happiness to submerge in my actions, creativity, and life. I move to the beat because I have this idea that love is on my feet. It helps me fly into some degraded room of hearts. Either way, my name is Shante Schuler and I am addicted to love and I am not ashamed to be an addict. @JColeNC @jcoleofficial @realcoleworld

KOD - Intro

“I am trapped inside myself” - J. Cole

Intro of J. Cole’s album reminds me that pain can consume your inner thoughts and the world would not know the difference in the expression on your face. Your heart holds so many secrets and to choose between laughing or crying is beyond a movement of strength.

It is naturally criticized if you choose tears over laughter in my experience it is better to choose both. Laugh while you cry and cry while you laugh. @realcoleworld @JColeNC

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